Sparkle Rock!

A new station introduced this week was Sparkle Rock Word Wall! The kids have to use some sparkly rocks and make their sight words from the Word Wall. This activity is yet another way to improve memorization of these Word Wall words. The kids seem to really enjoy this “sparkly” activity!

Today we had a “pinky” hello chain and sang, “My Petal is Bright” together while passing an imaginary petal around the circle to share something positive or happy going on in each of our lives. After listening, signing and moving together, we came back to our white board to read the daily message. Today Mrs. Luers needed some help from the kids to put in some periods and in one place a question mark! The kids did a great job helping to make the daily message so much better! The three jobs to do today in class were: 1. stations 2. journals 3. Explode the Code workbooks. Each child had 2 stations to finish before they could move on to journals and their workbooks. They all did a great job getting their work done today.

Tomorrow is Cook Day!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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