100 dots and more!

Today the Dino-Hearts celebrated the 100th Day of School!

We read the book:



Then the kids had to find 100 Hershey Kisses hiding around the classroom. The hard part wasn’t finding them but reading the number on the bottom and placing it on the 100’s chart in the correct spot. The trickiest part of this activity was that we could not find the last Hershey kiss: 100! Finally while starting another activity on the carpet, Arjun said, “There is 100!” He found it hiding way up high in one of our pocket charts! There was lots of clapping for our friend Arjun!

Then read the book:



The kids LOVED this book! This book is a must read with your kiddos! We used this book to talk about what 100 dots would look like all together? After this interactive story, the kids each placed 10 dots on a poster board with a flower outline and we watched how much 100 dots would fill the flower. We had some help from the toddlers to finish up our flower outline with the dots and make our dot art complete! We will hang our dot art in the classroom to enjoy!

While some children were still dotting with dot painters, others were working at the carpet with a hundreds chart and Lima beans with numbers 1-100 written on them. It was a mystery as to why some had black numbers and some had red numbers. After putting the beans on the 100’s chart, the kids realized that there was an AB pattern. We will discuss more next week why this AB pattern was really there for us to see.

Our cook day today was all about 100 raisins. We each had a graham cracker with either plain cream cheese spread or berry cream cheese spread on it. Then we had a paper place with 10 circles and we had to count 10 raisins out for each circle, making 100 raisins. Would 100 raisins fit on our graham cracker? Some tried but most found it was just too many raisins. The kids seem to enjoy this yummy afternoon treat and they did a great job with all that counting!

Lastly, we went to the big room to do 100 Moves! There were stations around the big room for the kids to complete. They were:

10 sit ups (the kids did way better in the demonstration then Mrs. L :))

10 push ups

10 toe touches

10 arm circles

10 dance moves

10 knee ups

10 air punches

10 jumps

10 jumping jacks

10 laps around the room

They moved together from station to station until they did all 10!

Great work Dino-Hearts!

Happy 100!

Mrs. L 🙂

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