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Welcome New Friend!

Our Dino-Heart family was so pleased to welcome our new friend, Gavin, to our classroom today. We welcome Gavin and his little brother and sister to our Meadows Academy community. We are so glad they will be joining us. Help […]

Best Pet Show Ever!

In Writing, students just love being chosen for the “Lucky Duck Writing” activity. Here’s how it works: A student creates a sentence orally and then it is written on a strip of paper. Then the sentence is cut up and placed inside […]

Spring is Here!

In Language Arts, preschoolers learned about the Letter W as they listened to “The W Book” by Jane Belk Moncure. Then they pasted watermelons on the Letter W. In Visual Arts, students created a “Window Art Project” while learning how to read […]

Vegetables are for Painting

In Language Arts, early preschoolers learned the name and sound of the Letter V. They saw flash cards of pictures that start with V: violin, valentine, van, vase, and violet, vegetables, and viper. They listened to the read-aloud “Vera Viper’s Valentine” […]

Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day!

“Saint Patrick’s Day” was our school theme last week and in keeping with tradition, the whole school wore green for our Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. All of the students gathered together as a large group in the big room to […]

You are My Sunshine!

Our goals for the Kodaly Music class is to teach students how to follow directions, keep a steady beat through instrument playing and moving to music, learn about rhythm, how to sing in the correct pitch, and learn cooperation skills […]

Explode the Code

The Dino-Hearts worked on their Math packets today. The students were able to read the directions on their own and then color the small objects red and the big objects blue. After finishing 2 pages of their Math packet, we […]

It’s a Chemical Reaction!

In Reading last week, students visited the Early Preschool class to read aloud “Old Hat, New Hat”by Stan and Jan Berenstain to the early preschoolers. It was amazing how the pre-kindergarteners did so well in reading the story with a little help from […]

I Am a Rainbow!

In Language Arts, preschoolers learned the letter name and sound of Letter V. We read “The Letter V Book” by Jane Belk Moncure and students made a Letter V Collage and pasted vegetables and vacuum cleaners on the Letter V. In Writing, […]

Puzzle station fun!

Today we read a book about “Spring!” In just a few more days we can officially say it is the season Spring and today certainly felt like it was coming soon. After reading our story, we observed a bird nest […]