Seal’s Silly Sandwich

Early Preschoolers had a great week last week. In Reading, the class continued to focus on building successful readers. For example, we listened to the read-aloud “Seal’s Silly Sandwich” by Dorothy J. Sklar from the AlphaTales series, which is about coming for supper at Seal’s house and enjoying a super-duper sandwich! This story helped students recognize the Letter S and the sound of the Letter S.

Students also studied picture words that start with the Letter S: sandalssnowmanscissorssafe,suitcasesunglassessoap, and sun.

In Visual Arts, they made a “Seal” paper craft by coloring it with crayons and painting it with water color.

Finally in Math, early preschoolers made a Number 4 Flamingo booklet and counted up to 4. They also made a blue “square person” with eyes, healthy teeth, and hair.

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