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HI Everyone!

The Dino-Hearts have had two days of hard work this week. We began our week with a message from Mrs. L that needed lots of help from the Dino-Hearts. They helped me add periods in my sentences, question marks and change lower case to upper case letters when needed. I even needed help with spaces on Monday! Phew-good thing I have the Dino-Hearts to help me out! After that the Dino-Hearts each received imaginary “detective glasses” so that after they do a journal entry, they can put on their imaginary glasses and find three things they can make better before they say, “I’m done!” They all did a GREAT job!

After finishing our journals I shared our new Artist of the Month with the children: Georges-Pierre Seurat

Ask your child: What is Pointillism? They each made their own Pointillism flower paintings using paint and a Q-tip. It takes a lot of patience and careful planning to finish such a painting. When we work on projects such as this one, we are not only having fun learning about an amazing type of art and artist but we are working on some important Kindergarten skills as well: planning, working slowly and carefully.These are skills that transfer to any subject. In a few days, we will have final picture to share of our Pointillism flowers. They are beautiful!

In Math we are still finishing up some of our work from the 100th day. We worked on counting 100 shapes together and recording our finds.

We have 5 stations that the children can do when they are finished with the 2 jobs they are given at the beginning of class. The stations this week are:

1. Create Station

2. Watercolor World

3. Word Ladder

4. Sparkle rock

5. Class Dot Art

Sometimes our stations are one of the “jobs” that the kids have to do before our “Station Time.” For instance, last week, “Sparkle Rock” was a “job” and they had to create their Word Wall words with the rocks. This week, “Sparkle Rock” is a station option after “jobs” and they can use the rocks to make anything their minds can imagine. Another example is that this week we have out “Watercolor World.” As a station this week, the children can explore with watercolors on their own if they have finished their “jobs” first. Next week, “Watercolor World” will be a “job” and the kids will have to practice their Word Wall words on paper using the watercolor paints. In this way, we can explore with our imaginations and practice some necessary skills for Kindergarten too! These stations will be out all week.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Dr. Seuss! The kids are welcome to come dressed as a Dr. Seuss character! We will have some Seuss “jobs” to do tomorrow before we start stations and math!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂



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