Healthy Teeth

Preschoolers last week focused on learning about the Letter T. In Reading, for example, students learned about the name and sound of the Letter T. They listened to “The Letter T” book by Jane Belk Moncure and then made a Letter T collage and pasted teddy bears on the uppercase and lowercase T.

In Language Arts, students created a “Teddy Bear Craft” and placed eyes, nose, mouth and clothes on Teddy.

Since it was National Children’s Dental Health Month,  we invited Ms. Patty Beruk and Dr. Kaur (Amarjot’s mom) to help raise awareness about the importance of oral health among the students. Dr. Kaur gave a talk entitled “How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy” about developing good oral health habits (e.g., eating healthy foods, regular dental visits, brushing teeth regularly). Each student got a goody bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss! Thank you Dr. Kaur and Ms. Beruk for being generous with your time!

Students also learned the poem/song “Healthy Teeth, Do You Brush Your Teeth?” It goes like this (sung to the tune of Hokey Pokey):

You brush them up and down.
You brush them back and forth.
You brush them up and down,
And you brush them all around.
Then go and see your dentist.
He will check your teeth for you.
And keep gums healthy too!

In Math, students practiced putting small groups together. They also worked on matching objects using one-to-one correspondence. The Core Knowledge Centers focused on practicing writing strokes, identifying and describing with the 5 senses and following simple directions (using color words).

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