Dino-Heart Optimism!

We started our Dino-Heart “Hello Chain” by making an “Optimism” flower! “Optimism” is the virtue of the month at Meadows so we started our day by talking about what is that “really big word mean?” The kids are correct! It is a big word in size and in meaning. To gain a better understanding and feeling of “optimism” we each came up with something that we feel really good about in our lives and that makes us really happy. After we shared our “petal” with the group, then we added our petal to our class flower on the board. We have so much to be thankful for and everyone was feeling really positive!

After completing our “Dino-Hearts happy flower,” we read the message on the board. Today we took turns reading each sentence and had a chance to circle words we think can read and also use in our journals. The kids did a great  job!

Today was a journal Monday for the Dino-Hearts but we will add a new entry to our journals tomorrow because today we started our first page of our “Science Journal.” It was very exciting to unwrap our seeds that have been hanging on the window and witness the amazed expressions on the Dino-Hearts faces when they saw all the roots growing. Then came the great questions: Why did they get bigger? Why are some seeds bigger than others? These were great questions! We wrapped a lima bean around a wet paper towel, put it in a baggie and hung it on the window in our classroom. The sun shining through that nice big window has helped our seeds along! So ask your Dino-Heart how this all happened? What could be the reason some seeds grew bigger or had longer roots? These questions made for a great discussion with the kids today. We wrapped our little seeds back up and hung them back on the window and we will observe more in a few days and record what we find.

Another job to work on today was to clean our our book boxes. It was time to switch those books around so each child has as set of 4-5 books in their boxes that are appropriate for their level to read. We had some reading time today to practice while I was busy reading with the children and switching their homework books. Everyone remembered their book bags today!!! Hooray Dino-Hearts!!

We were able to get in some stations before snack today. This week we have onemorestory.com with the IPad, Word Ladder (new words-using short i), Station Cart(free pick), Origami & Journal. There was a lot of kids interested in onemorestory.com & Origami! These stations will be out all week for the kids to enjoy!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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