Movement & Coordination: Bowling

In Reading, students listened to the read aloud, “When Tilly Turtle Came to Tea” by Carol Pugliano-Martin. This humorous story is about Tilly Turtle, Tiger, and Toad having a terrific time at the tea party when all of a sudden a tiny accident creates a ticklish problem! After the story, the students saw flash cards of pictures words that start with the Letter T: teethtigertoasttoilettomatotoolstoothbrushtopturtletulip,turkeytelevisiontelephonetennis ball, and ticket. Next week, we will be learning about the Letter U.

In Visual Arts, after the early preschoolers listened to the read aloud, “My T Book” by Jane Belk Moncure, they used orange paint to make a paper plate craft called “Tod the Tiger.” They worked on further enhancing their fine motor skills by placing eyes, nose, and ears on Tod the Tiger. Some students used the fist position in painting the tiger, while some used the tripod position while grasping the paintbrush. Not only does this activity encourage creativity and promote imagination, it is also a great way to develop the pre-writing skills they need for the next level.

In Math, students sang “Ten Little Indians” and counted with their ten little fingers. Students reviewed Numbers 1 – 4 and some of them were able to practice tracing the Number!

We also explored different kinds of shapes using an early childhood Math Readiness flip chart. Everyday, students are be shown a large colored picture of the following shapes: triangle, square, circle, rectangle, oval, rhombus, cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere. At the end of the activity, they would be asked to find a specific shape on the bottom of the chart that matches the large shape found on top.

For Movement and Coordination, everyone enjoyed learning about the sport “bowling.” Each student was given a set of pins and their own soft bowling ball. They arranged the bowling pins in any order they wanted and tried to roll the ball to make a strike. This was a great activity to develop their fine motor skills as well as help build their large muscle skills. And then as a group, all the students gathered all the bowling pins (close to 50) and arranged them into one big triangle. They then took turns in trying to knock down as may bowling pins as they could using a large bouncy ball. It was a big strike!!!

Our heartfelt thanks goes to our Mystery Reader last Friday April Lehman (Daniel’s mom)! She read our Virtue of the Month character education story “Learning to Be Polite” from the Values and Virtues book series.

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