The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse by: Jerry Pinkney was our featured book today. In reading, we are discussing the importance of remembering to look at the picture. Sometimes at this age as the children are becoming more aware and focused on words on the page, they forget to look at the picture. It is important that we train them to continue to look at the picture for context clues to develop comprehension and pure enjoyment of the story. So often kids will develop into fine readers but have no idea what they are reading. Teaching them to continue to “picture read” is an important lesson. We did this today with a little help from Caldecott winner Jerry Pinkney and his version of the delightful story of The Lion and the Mouse. This book is a picture book and so the kids had to use their excellent “picture reading skills” to be able to talk about what happened in the story. We went through this book twice, once silently and the second time we went page by page while the kids each explained what they were “reading” in the picture.

We concluded that the book also helped us further understand our virtue of “Optimism” or “happy thoughts” because being kind to others brings about “happy thoughts.” We then did a writing assignment to reflect on that idea. The kids each had to complete the sentence, “I am happy about…”

After our writing assignment, the Dino-Hearts had some “choice” time in the room. Today while I read with kids and changed books, I saw lots of great cooperation going on between children. I heard things like, “I can show you how…” and “Let’s do it together.” Social time is a very important piece of a Kindergarten program and today I was able to observe some wonderful moments between kids playing and sharing space together. It makes one feel very “Optimistic” about the world. 🙂

After snack, we worked on some math worksheets. We will have math packets that we sometimes work on in the afternoons.

It was a fantastic day by all!

Mrs. L 🙂

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