Optimism Is Important!

The morning Core Knowledge Preschool class begins with a 20-minute period for Child’s Choice at the Learning Centers. The centers set up last week helped prepare our preschoolers for skills they would be needing in the Core Knowledge Pre-Kindergarten Program this Fall. The Math Center, for example, was set up to teach students the concept of More, Less or the Same. The Transportation Center was open for students who wanted to play with the train table. The Sensory and Dramatic Play Center was prepared for those who wanted to play with play dough and in the kitchen area. In the Writing Center, students decorated their shamrock name tags.

In Reading and Writing, the Letter of the Week was uppercase and lower case U. Students learned words that begin with U and practiced writing U and worked on the Letter U Collage pasting umbrellas and Uncle Sam on the Letter U. During the Core Knowledge Center time, students practiced different writing strokes, created a drawing that represents the order of the day, and reproduced a design by using their creative imagination.

During “Cat in the Hat” Day, students listened to “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. They learned the following rhyming words while listening to the story:

•    Boat and goat
•    Rain and train
•    Tree and be
•    Box and fox
•    House and mouse
•    Here, there, anywhere

The  Level 1 Core Knowledge Skill that we are teaching this month is “Retell a story that has been read aloud including characters, a beginning, and an ending.” To reach this goal, the class learned the “Jack and Jill” rhyme from the Core Knowledge curriculum. Students learned that the characters are Jack and Jill, and then they worked on a “Jack and Jill Sequencing Activity Card.” They used water color to paint 3 pictures of the order of events in the rhyme, and with the help of their teacher, cut out the sequencing cards. Students then recalled the rhyme and independently pasted the Jack and Jill story cards in the correct order from beginning, middle to end.

In addition to “Jack and Jill, students also learned about other nursery rhymes such as “Who has seen the Wind?” and  “Green Eggs and Ham”.

During Mystery Reader Day, Mr. Skingle (Camille’s grandpa) read our Virtue of the Month story entitled “Today I will Fly!” by Mo Willems. This is a story about optimism and how two funny characters, Piggie and Gerald, approached life differently. Piggie is determined to fly, while Gerald the elephant knows it’s impossible. “Optimism is important!” exhorted Mr. Skingle as he read to the preschoolers.

In Math, students worked on putting small groups together on the white board.

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