Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

It was an awesome “Read Across America” week for the Pre-K students as they listened to so many classic Dr. Seuss books including:

•    Hop on Pop
•    Let’s Find Out Scholastic Weekly Reader: Get to Know Dr. Seuss
•    The Cat in the Hat
•    Dr. Seuss ABC’s
•    One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
•    Fox in Socks

To help build strong readers, one of the Core Knowledge Level 2 skills is to help students learn rhyming words. To achieve this skill, students worked on a “A Pair of Rhymes Game.” To play the game, each student had to think of an animal (e.g., mouse) and choose one object that rhymes with that animal (e.g., house). After the students made their “pair of rhymes”, they created a sentence that included the rhymes they they had chosen. For example, “Mouse in a house.”

Some of the sentences we came up with included:
•    A fish in the dish.
•    A bat in the cat.
•    Dog on a hog.

Sentences were then written at the bottom of a blank page to contribute to a Dr. Seuss Rhyming book for the whole class! As the students received their own page, they were asked to illustrate and describe the sentence they helped create.

In Writing, students listened to the read-aloud, “My S Book” by Jane Belk Moncure. Then they worked on their Letter S formation. Students also practiced writing the upper case and lowercase S in their ABC books.

In Math, students worked on their Calendar activities, counting up to 100, and Saxon Math activities.

Thank you Mrs. Hagen (Grace’s Mom) for sharing the book, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today? (A Guide to Daily Happiness For Kids)” by Carol McCloud.

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