Special Day!

The one thing you find out when you meet the Director of Meadows Academy, Susan Bolongaita, is that not only does she know what kids need academically and developmentally but she strives in her school to help each child feel special and an important member of our little school community. So we are blessed to have her as our Director and this compassion for others is felt all over the school.  Teaching the virtue of Optimism and honoring a special friend was what we did today! This is the Meadows Academy way and it is one special feature of the school that you feel in every classroom. It is one of the many things I love about Meadows!

Along those lines, today, the Dino-Hearts celebrated Arjun’s birthday! We made a birthday book, sang to him and danced, made blueberry muffins with candles on top and had a great day honoring our friend!

Happy Birthday Arjun! We hope you had a great day!

Mrs. L 🙂

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