Puzzle station fun!

Today we read a book about “Spring!” In just a few more days we can officially say it is the season Spring and today certainly felt like it was coming soon. After reading our story, we observed a bird nest in the tree outside our classroom window. We went outside in hunt for more “signs of Spring” and brought some bird feeders with us to hang in the tree. We have high hopes that some birds will be by and we can observe them from our classroom window enjoying their snack in our tree. While outside we noticed how tightly woven the bird nest was on the tree and discussed how special birds really are to be able to build such intricate nests. We tried making nests with a partner using the materials on the ground around the tree. It was tricky! We decided that birds really are pretty special! After our adventure to our tree outside, we went inside to write in our Science Journals about our tree. We will be adding to our Science Journals as we do more and more “growing” projects in our class after Spring Break.


Thank you to Amaan’s Mom for sending in cheese crackers for our class today. YUM!

After snack today, we did a few math pages and then headed straight for some stations. The giant puzzles were fun to watch today as a station. The kids worked together to put giant puzzles together and had so much fun. Another fun station today was “Make A Book” station. The kids learned to make their very own books and will be able to sign up to share their finished story with the class when they are finished.

In the late afternoon, the kids went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We will try to get them out when the weather is nice!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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