I Am a Rainbow!

In Language Arts, preschoolers learned the letter name and sound of Letter V. We read “The Letter V Book” by Jane Belk Moncure and students made a Letter V Collage and pasted vegetables and vacuum cleaners on the Letter V.

In Writing, we did an exciting “Vanishing V Writing Game!” in which each student marked the Letter V on top of a piece of paper that was covered with wax paper. When the students were done marking the Letter V, they removed the wax paper and, to their amazement, their letter Vs were gone! Then they painted the white paper with watercolor to reflect the Letter V markings, making the missing Vs magically reappear!

The Nursery Rhymes students learned last week were “Tiny Leprechaun,” “Colors in the Rainbow,” and “Jack and Jill.”

The Core Knowledge Centers last week were planned activities that helped students identify and describe the 5 sensessequence events based on the time of dayuse spatial words, and identify habitats.

In Math, students practiced putting small groups together using a white board easel.

In Science Discovery, students watched a video about “Rainbows” and then they did a “Rainbow Science Experiment.” You too can do this at home and here’s how it works:

Rainbow Science Experiment

Prepare the following materials: red, blue, and yellow food color; 1 cup milk; dish soap; and a shallow bowl.

•    Pour 1 cup of milk into the bowl.
•    Add 3 drops of red food color on one edge of the bowl.
•    1/3 of the way, add 3 drops of blue food color.
•    1/3 of the way, add 3 drops of yellow food color.
•    Don’t mix or jiggle the bowl.
•    Then squeeze a drop of dish soap in the center of the bowl.
•    Record what you see.
•    What do you think happened?

The virtue of the month read-aloud in class last week was “I Am A Rainbow” by Dolly Parton. This book is a joyful, entertaining story that celebrates our diversity and the variety of feelings we all share.

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