It’s a Chemical Reaction!

In Reading last week, students visited the Early Preschool class to read aloud “Old Hat, New Hat”by Stan and Jan Berenstain to the early preschoolers. It was amazing how the pre-kindergarteners did so well in reading the story with a little help from Mrs. Kuchler who pointed to the words as each word was being read out loud!

Some of the wonderful read-alouds the students enjoyed listening to last week were“Clifford the Big Red Dog” by Norman Bridwell, “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown, and “Have You Seen My Cat?” by Eric Carle.

In Nursery Rhymes, students learned the song/poem “BINGO!” and sang the song to the early preschoolers too! In Poetry, students learned and highlighted various poetry words.

In Writing, we listened to the story “Can I Keep Him?” by Steven Kellogg. After the story, students worked on a class book in which each child drew a picture and wrote the name of an animal they would want to keep. They also worked on Letter V Formation.

In Theme Study, students created a “Class Chart” divided into “Pets” and “Not Pets” and used magazines to cut out pictures of animals that fall into each category.

In Visual Arts, we read “My Cat Buster” by Donna Bryant and “Cookie’s Week” by Cindy Ward. Students then painted a picture of an animal.

In Math, we worked on the concept of “Sorting.” Students sorted pets and worked on classifying pets with 4 legs, ears, spots, and other characteristics. We also played the game “Number Bingo.”

In Science Discovery, students did a “Volcano Experiment” which also happens to start with the Letter V. The Language of Instruction we used all throughout the experiment was “chemical reaction” (e.g., “Today we are going to see a chemical reaction.”) Students molded their very own volcano out of clay and then poked a hole at the center of it using their finger. They then filled each of their volcanos with baking soda. Everyone was thrilled to see the volcano “explode” when vinegar was poured into the hole, producing a chemical reaction with the baking soda!

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