Vegetables are for Painting

In Language Arts, early preschoolers learned the name and sound of the Letter V. They saw flash cards of pictures that start with V: violin, valentine, van, vase, and violet, vegetables, and viper. They listened to the read-aloud “Vera Viper’s Valentine” by Maxwell Higgins.

In Science, they enjoyed “vegetable painting” using real broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower! They dipped the vegetables in yellow paint and made vegetable prints!

In Visual Arts, students created a Letter V collage and pasted violets on a V vase.

In Math, students reviewed Numbers 1 to 5. They worked on their Math booklet and created a number 2 Swan craft.

The Virtue of the Month read-aloud was “If You’re Happy and You Know It!” by Jane Cabrera (the same book that was read in the other classes last week). The children stood up and did the action words while listening to the sing along book. Students also listened to a reading of the very cheerful book “Skip to My Lou” by Nadine Bernard Westcott.

In Movement and Coordination, the JumpBunch Toddler Program was geared to Paddle Sport activities! This was excellent for eye/hand coordination and coordination skills. For the Sports Exploration segment, we passed out cute, colorful and foamy lollipop paddles to each child. Then we had them mimic their coach as he moved the paddle around our waist, up and down, or through the legs. This was such great fun! We then passed out bean bags and challenged each student to balance them on their paddles. From here we placed an Agility Ladder on the floor and had the everyone walk on the rungs. Progression/regression steps were included as necessary.

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