Spring is Here!

In Language Arts, preschoolers learned about the Letter W as they listened to “The W Book” by Jane Belk Moncure. Then they pasted watermelons on the Letter W.

In Visual Arts, students created a “Window Art Project” while learning how to read words that start with the Letter W. Students also colored pretty kites for the bulletin board.

In Nursery Rhymes and Poems, preschoolers learned the Tiny Leprechaun, Kites in the Wind and Jack and Jill.

The Core Knowledge Learning Centers this week focused on teaching students the following concepts: matching pictures with opposites, use of spatial words, and identifying animal habitats.

In Math, students learned to count up to 4 pennies. A number was given to them orally, and they had to make a group of up to 4. They learned the concepts more, less, and the same.

In Science, preschoolers read the Scholastic Magazine “Signs of Spring.” Then they watched a Scholastic video online called “Spring Is Here.”

In Movement and Coordination, students had fun with both Paddle Sports and Tennis activities to build and strengthen their eye/hand coordination, balance, and gross motor skills. The racquets we used were foamy and colorful “lollipop” paddles. Each student received a paddle and learned how to do two-hand, one-hand, palm-up and palm-down holds. This was done while standing on one foot, squatting, walking, and other ways designed to improve body balance. After these drills, we passed out foam Tennis balls and moved on to Tennis during which students learned to do over-head swings, plus moving the paddle from hand to hand. Tennis anyone?

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