Welcome New Friend!

Our Dino-Heart family was so pleased to welcome our new friend, Gavin, to our classroom today. We welcome Gavin and his little brother and sister to our Meadows Academy community. We are so glad they will be joining us. Help us give Gavin and his family a warm Meadows welcome!

Social/Community skills: We all had a chance to share something about our vacation with the group in circle time. Being able to share with a group about ourselves is an important kindergarten skill. In this time we are not only practicing verbal skills but also patience and listening skills that are so important to learn in the group setting.

Reading: Today we read the book, Ruby in Her Own Time By: Jonathan Emmett and Rebecca Harry. I chose this book today to bring up the discussion again with our group that we all learn to read and write in “Our Own Time.” Some in our class might be reading larger or longer books and others might still be working on predictable pattern books or making CVC words. In the second half of the Kindergarten year, this becomes more obvious to children as some might be starting to take off in reading and others just might need some more time. I like to remind the kids in every subject that what matters is that we are supporting each other, encouraging each other and praising each other for all our great efforts during work times. I also read this book because we will begin to grow plants soon together.  It is inevitable one plant will take off growing and others might go very slowly. To help the kids understand this concept in a hands on kind of way, we took a walk outside to witness the flowers around the building beginning to sprout. The kids made great observations about how the flowers were growing different yet all growing and eventually will all bloom. We can give them everything they need but sometimes we just have to be patient. Not unlike our little observers themselves. 🙂

We did have a chance to switch reading books if Book Bags were brought back to school. As always, please feel free to send those bags back in any day of the week so that your child can practice a new book. If however, your schedule is such that you cannot practice until next Monday then that is okay we will take it Monday and switch the book then. We will keep the practice up in class too.

In writing, the second half of Kindergarten is always a little less exhilarating for the Kindergarten parent. In the beginning of Kindergarten, the kids go from learning letters and sounds and then begin stringing those together to make words and then suddenly….sentences! It really is awesome! Now here comes the less exciting second half of the year. 🙂 While it might not seem as exciting at first, with a Kindergarten teacher eye, I tell you it really is just as exciting. The kids will be working on mechanics in writing such as periods, spaces and upper and lower case letters for the rest of the year and that will take time and practice every day. The truly exciting part of the second half of the year in Kindergarten for writing is the amount of time they can sit willingly and write! They will become little story writers. As your children begin to take off to be able to sit for longer periods of time and write, you will notice the mechanics begin to fall a little. They get so excited about writing that those are easy things to miss. However, with time, practice and lots of reminders, they will begin to show not only sustained concentration but mechanics as well. It is important for them to begin to write more so we need to let that happen first and bring their attention to the mechanics after so they do not get frustrated. I am so excited to work with your kids in this second half of Kindergarten on writing!

In Math, we started the day with a math assessment for each child. Then we moved into a whole group lesson sorting buttons. The kids played a game to guess how the buttons were being sorted: shape, size, color? They were so good at this game that I introduced the Venn Diagram to the kids and we did a few rounds together using the buttons and the Venn Diagram. We will continue to revisit this topic as the year goes on in Math. One child liked it so much she made her own Venn Diagram during Free Choice: super cute!

As always, feel free to email or call me if you have any questions.

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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