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Easter Eggs and Bunny Ears

Preschoolers learned about the Letter Y in Language Arts last week, and each student received a “yo-yo” from their teacher as part of the lesson! In Nursery Rhymes, students learned “Eggs in My Basket,” “Easter Eggs” and “Hippity Hop.” In […]

All About Letter Y

In Language Arts last week, early preschoolers learned about the Letter Y. They saw flash cards with pictures of words that start with Y: yarn, yellow, yak, yoyo, yardstick, yacht and yogurt. In Reading, early preschoolers listened to the Letter Y […]

Caring for our World

Today in honor of Earth Day we read a book called, Care for our World. This delightful story mentions animals all over the world that exists and points out with beautiful illustrations that we in fact share the world. We […]

Trip to Indonesia

We learned so many things about Bali, Jakarta and Indonesia! In her talk, Mrs. Khouw showed students where Asia is on the map and then pointed to the country Indonesia. She shared a picture book and a video to explain […]

Shortest and Longest

In Language Arts,  pre-kindergartners created a beautiful painting called “Cars in the Mud” by making brown car wheel prints on paper. They also answered the question, “What Can You Make With Mud?” for their class book.In Reading, students read their Scholastic booklet […]

X-Ray Fish and the Hungry Caterpillar

In Language Arts, last week students learned about the Letter X as they listened to the read aloud, “A Xylophone for X-Ray Fish” by Liza Charlesworth. They also studied picture words that have the Letter X in them: x-ray fish, […]

It Begins With …

In Language Arts last week, preschoolers learned about the Letter Y and listened to “The Letter Y Book” by Jane Belk Moncure. In Nursery Rhymes and Poems, students recited the rhymes “Transportation,” “Fluffy Rabbit,” and “Humpty Dumpty.”In Reading, we played the “It Begins With” game. Each student […]

Fun at Midwestern Auto Group of Dublin

The Pre-K and Preschool classes had a lot of fun while visiting the Midwestern Auto Group (MAG) of Dublin for a field trip last Friday! We had been reading, talking, and doing crafts about cars, bikes, and buses the week before […]

Scavenger Hunt Day!

Today in the Dino-Heart classroom we read the book: We Are All the Alike, We Are All Different BY: The Cheltenham Elementary School Kindergarteners This story helped us remember that while we all are alike in many ways, we also […]

Around the World in 30 Days

“International Travel” was the school theme this past week and Shelby Lundahl (Brazil’s mom) took us on a “trip” to Mexico through a fun and engaging talk about that country. Students learned some Spanish words, and everyone (teachers included) had […]