Dino-Heart Tuesday!

Reading&Writing: The kids did a great job working on the message from me today on the white board. Every day they will correct the mechanics of my message. After some movement time, we read the story, Rocket Learns to Write by: Tad Hill. In this delightful story, the dog takes all his special words that he can now spell and turns them into a story. So we went outside today to find “inspiring” words to write on our note cards. The kids spelled: tree, bird, bench, grass and many others with a little help from each other. We pasted the words in our classroom and will begin to write stories together using our new words. The kids also did a journal entry today and we did switch books for reading if the bag was returned. I was really pleased to see that the kids that did have their books remembered to get their bags all on their own and bring it to me! Hooray independence!

Math: We did lots of movement today counting by 2’s. We will be doing more practice with counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s this week. Calendar time also takes up quite a bit of time and is considered part of our math time. There is a lot to learn in the calendar for our kiddos.

Social Skills: We reviewed our community jobs today and switched the jobs around. The children have to work together and sometimes help out someone with their job so that we can get what we need to get done and move to the next activity. We are all learning that although we are responsible for our own job, it is nice to help out someone else as well.

We will be working on writing our last names this week!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L. 🙂


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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.