Wonderful Wednesday!

Reading: Today in the Dino-Heart Room we discussed “empathy” with the help of the book “Bear’s New Friend” by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. We have read this book before but decided to read it again since we also have gained a new friend. We talked about what it feels like to be new and some friends shared times when they were new and what that felt like for them. They shared things such as “it was scary” and “I was scared at first.” Then we discussed what kinds of “welcoming” things others did to make us feel happy and comfortable in our new school. They said, “they said nice things to me” and “they played with me.” It always helps in a classroom environment to help and remind each other how we can encourage and support each other.

Those that had book bags did switch books today. We also read a “Big Brother” story at snack in honor of Advay’s new sister being born! So happy for Advay and his family!

Writing: In writing today we started writing stories. The children are making stories that have 4 parts: beginning (who? where?), Problem (What happened?), Solution (How did they fix it?), the ending. Today we started with the pictures and we will begin writing words to match our picture soon. I am looking forward to hearing these wonderful stories. Also in writing today, we had a writing share time. We will choose 3 children each day to share a piece of writing with the class. The Class has to come up with three “compliments” for the writer. Today it was fun to hear from Amaan, Ana and Jack. Thanks to the class for all the terrific compliments to these three writers.

Math: Still counting and moving by 2’s today! We are moving to math this week to help us remember those numbers!

Next week we will begin our math assessments. I have done some informal assessments in math already. Next week we will begin formal assessments where I will meet 1:1 with each child.

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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