A New Week!

The Dino-Hearts came together for a meeting to start our day as usual. Today we discussed telling time. We started by looking at a digital watch and then I wrote our schedule of the day on the board with the time that each activity would begin. We discussed how to read a digital clock and the kids had a chance to try on their own. Then we took a look at an analog clock and started by discussing the hour hand. Some of the kids began discussing the minutes and even telling time to the half hour as well. We will continue to discuss clocks over the next few weeks.

Reading: In our reading lesson today we discussed the reading strategy of breaking words apart and looking at part of the word we know. We worked on the word: Christopher and together. We are looking for sound chunks such as “ph” or “th” and words we might know in the word such as: to, her.

Reading books were changed today! Please practice when you can. Thank you!

Writing: Today we broke into two groups for writing. One group worked on a journal entry. They wrote 3-5 sentences and they are working on independently remembering their mechanics. Another group worked with me reading the book, “I Love Flowers.” We then wrote the words on our own and drew our very favorite flowers.

We read the book, “Percival the Caterpillar” as a whole group today during snack.

In Math, we practiced writing our numbers on paper and were introduced to a new writing app on the IPad to help us practice our writing. The IPad is a station in the classroom that the kids will rotate through during the week.

It was great to see the kids today! We have a wonderful group!

Have a great day!

Mrs. L. 🙂

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