Worm’s Wagon

In Language Arts, early preschoolers last week learned about the Letter W. They listened to the humorous read-aloud, “Worm’s Wagon” by Samantha Berger about animals with names that start with the letter W. The walruswombatweaselwoodpecker, and whale wanted to ride and all tried to fit into worm’s wagon, but worm had a hard time pulling the weight of all the animals. And in Writing, we started to practice writing the letter A and W.

In Visual Arts, students enjoyed having their hands painted blue to make a blue whale in the water. They also used “water colors” to paint a picture of a worm. Students did some q-tip painting as well and painted the upper case and lower case w with purple and yellow.

In Science, early preschoolers loved the sensory activity around making a “watermelon” sun catcher using gel, red glitter, and watermelon seeds in a ziplock.  In Math, students made a number 3 craft on their Math journal.

In Movement and Coordination, students learned how to toss different colored balls inside a corresponding bucket at JumpBunch. They learned how to follow directions, take turns, and continued to develop their large motor skills while trying to shoot a small ball into a bucket from a distance.

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