Animals That Hatch From Eggs

In Language Arts last week, preschoolers learned about the Letter X. They listened to the read-aloud, “The Little X Book” by Jane Belk Moncure.

In Nursery Rhymes, students learned about “Five Little Kites, “It’s Hatching,” and “Humpty Dumpty.”

In Math, everyone learned about putting small groups together on a white board.

In Science, we discussed the topic “animals that hatch from eggs.” Students watched a Science Scholastic video on how animals hatch from eggs. They also painted a picture of a chick hatching from an egg.

The Core Knowledge Center activities last week revolved around matching pictures of oppositesidentifying examples of print, and telling a story using Land and Water.

For our Virtue of the Month story, students listened to “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter to teach the virtue of obedience.

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