All About Wheels

In Theme Study last week, pre-kindergartners listened to several read-aloud books including “Bears on Wheel” and “The Bike Lesson” by Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain. Students then created a list of what has wheels. They also made a drawing of a picture for the class book on what has wheels. Then they completed the sentence, “A _____________ has wheels.”

And then in Dramatic Play, students pretended to steer and drive 2 of their classmates at a time inside cardboard cars. It was a blast!

In Visual Arts, the activity required students to put paper over a license plate and then color over it to see the numbers and letters pop out. They also enjoyed painting a picture of a bus.

Other fun books we listened to last week were “Cars” on a CD, “Wheels on the Bus” by Raffi and Sylvie Kantorovitz Wickstrom, “Here Comes the Bus” by Harriet Ziefert, “Jason’s Bus Ride” by Harriet Ziefert, and “School Bus” by Donald Crews.

In Writing, students wrote down what they did for Spring Break. This was a meaningful way for them to practice their writing skills in a very personal way.

In Math, pre-kindergartners made a graph and recalled who stayed here and who went away. After creating the graph, students read the answers based on the graph. In Saxon Math, students worked on a money worksheet to match the correct number of dollars with the right numeral.

In Science, students first listened to the story “The Wind Blew” by Pat Hutchins, and then decorated and played with their pinwheels.

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