Working together!


Working together…see below pictures. 🙂

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Today the Dino-Hearts participated in a variety of activities where they had to work together. After our class meeting which of course included a rainy day poem and song, and after calendar, journal time and changing books then we had time to work on some math and cooperative work!

In Math at this age it is normal for many of the children to flip their numbers around when they write them. We use a variety of materials to make the numbers to help them remember how they look. Today we used straight legos and play dough to make numbers only with straight lines. We started with the number 4 and after the kids were successful in making a 4 they could add more numbers to the 4 and see what numbers they created. I saw 14, 41, 44, 4144 until then they discovered 7! They then shared with each other all the numbers they could make with 7. There was a lot of talking to each other and deciding if the number they made was backwards or helping each other read a larger number. It was great to hear them working together on this and being kind to each other as they worked through mistakes.

In the later part of the day, I read a story to the class and then we moved to the big room. We played one cooperative game as a class and then the kids were divided into two groups. Each group was given 4 squares and when they could work together to build something then I would give them more squares. There was a lot of peaceful negotiation and each group was able to earn 4 more squares and in the end they put all the squares together. It was great to hear them working out what to build and how they would do it.

It was a great day in Dino-Heart world! More pictures below…

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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