Around the World in 30 Days

“International Travel” was the school theme this past week and Shelby Lundahl (Brazil’s mom) took us on a “trip” to Mexico through a fun and engaging talk about that country. Students learned some Spanish words, and everyone (teachers included) had the most exciting time outside with the super-big doggie piñata! Each one had a turn to break open the piñata and it was so much fun!

Mrs. Bolongaita also took us on a “trip” via a talk on the Philippines, and Ana taught her classmates how to count up to 10 in Tagalog!

This week, we’ll be taking a “trip” to Indonesia courtesy of Mrs. Khouw, our Music/Kodaly teacher, who will give us her insights about that beautiful country.

Coming up later in the month are “trips” to Greece, India, and the U.S.!

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