Scavenger Hunt Day!

Today in the Dino-Heart classroom we read the book: We Are All the Alike, We Are All Different BY: The Cheltenham Elementary School Kindergarteners

This story helped us remember that while we all are alike in many ways, we also have many differences that is what makes our little family so special. We talked for some time about topics the book brought up such as: We all like to eat but we like different foods. We all have families but we might have different types of families. Of course we also discussed that we all celebrate different holiday traditions but we all do have things we celebrate. Sharing these specifics of our lives with each other helps us understand each other and get to know each other better as we work, learn and play.

This topic fit our classroom world today as we enjoyed two fun Easter Egg Hunts. The first was a Scavenger Hunt where we each listened carefully to the clues and then had to take turns guessing where the next egg might be hidden. At the end of our 21 clues was a special treat for our Dino-Heart class to enjoy!

After our treat we each had some writing time and then moved into our last Easter Egg Hunt in the big room! We collected 12 eggs each in our basket and each were able to take our eggs home to enjoy.

Thank you to those that donated eggs today!

The last two days in the Dino-Heart room have been focused on working together as a group. We created a class rainbow and have had several activities out for the kids to complete as a class. Tomorrow we will change books so that the children have their books to read to you over the weekend.

For those looking for online stories I recommend the website:

Let’s all hope the weather begins to get better so we can enjoy the outside!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂

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