Shortest and Longest

In Language Arts,  pre-kindergartners created a beautiful painting called “Cars in the Mud” by making brown car wheel prints on paper. They also answered the question, “What Can You Make With Mud?” for their class book.

In Reading, students read their Scholastic booklet “Whoosh! Goes the Wind” and “Here Comes A Bus” by Harriet Ziefert. Then the students made a list of where they would go on a bus.

In Math, students learned about the concepts “shortest” and “longest”. Then they demonstrated their understanding of these concepts by working on their Saxon Math worksheets. Students also learned about shapes and sizes from Saxon Math as well. In addition, pre-kindergartners learned about measurement and used cubes to measure various items.

In Science, students continued to talk about Spring and the wind. We continued to talk about the wind in class and the pinwheels they made the previous week.

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