Caring for our World

Today in honor of Earth Day we read a book called, Care for our World. This delightful story mentions animals all over the world that exists and points out with beautiful illustrations that we in fact share the world. We discussed how when you look out the window, you might not necessarily see any creatures or animals but they are there sharing our world. We took a nature walk and used our sense of sight and hearing to find some of the animals right in our own Meadows backyard that are sharing our world.

As a class we practiced handing a ball that we called our Earth around the circle. Our goal was to get the Earth ball around the circle without it dropping and without talking. It took us many times to work together and complete this task but as a class they were so excited to do it! These fun activities help our class as a whole understand how to work and play together as a group. Everyone had to do their part to get the ball safely to the beginning of the circle. We then discussed how we can each do our part in helping the earth.

Some of my Dino-Heart friends participated in a handwriting lesson today. For those going into First grade next year, ask them to show you Magic C! How many letters can we remember how to make by simply remembering Magic C? No matter what handwriting program their school uses, this little tip will be helpful! The kids used dry erase markers today to practice their handwriting.

Of course at the end of the day, the kids enjoyed running outside to play! It was wonderful to see them enjoying their time in the sun.

Have a great night!

Mrs. L 🙂


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