Trip to Indonesia

We learned so many things about Bali, Jakarta and Indonesia! In her talk, Mrs. Khouw showed students where Asia is on the map and then pointed to the country Indonesia. She shared a picture book and a video to explain many interesting facts about the orangutan; the architecture of houses, buildings and churches; the language (Bahasa), population and schools in that country. She also introduced several Indonesian nursery rhymes and students got to sing along with her!

In addition, students saw several symbolic items from Indonesia such as batik bags and clothing, necklaces, handmade silver crafts, and a traditional musical instrument made from bamboo called angklung. Mrs. Khouw played the alphabet song using the angklung with the students again singing along. Many thanks to Mrs. Khouw for such an educational and enjoyable “trip”!

Easter Egg Hunt Image | Meadows Academy Preschool & Daycare

Easter was the school theme last week and everyone had a blast painting Easter eggs, creating Easter baskets, and painting Easter bunnies. The students had a really fun Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday! Many thanks to the parent volunteers who helped hide the eggs: Seema (Armaan’s mom), Shelby (Brazil’s mom), April and Joel (Daniel’s parents)! Check out some of the photos from our Flickr photostream.

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