What grows?

So many things grow! In our growing unit today we first spent some time writing in our Science Journals about our grass that s growing. How come they are growing differently? A great question. We talked about reasons for his today in our class. We also talked about something else growing lately….the kids!

To explore the topic of how much the kids have grown, we discussed the types of things the kids can do now that maybe they could not do when they entered school this year. In our class today we talked about some practical things that the kids can do now. One of those things is cleaning up the classroom. Then we discussed jobs the kids can do at home that maybe they once could not. This age loves to “impress” adults by all they can do now. They loved sharing things like: “I can make my bed, by myself!” I love how that one got so many claps from the class crowd. Other things shared were, “I can clean up my WHOLE room.” “I can get dressed all by myself.” “I can bring down my laundry.” My personal favorite, “I can clean my whole house…..nah never mind that is way too hard.” The kids were super cute sharing all they CAN do now that they have grown so much.

A few books we read today are:

pigsty tidy-titch-pat-hutchins-paperback-cover-art


The kids loved these books and really got a kick out of the idea that pigs might really visit! 🙂

We also did a name game today to help some new friends learn our names.

Lots of great learning by the kiddos today!

Have a great night!

Mrs. L:)

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