Clothes Pin Butterflies

In Language Arts last week, students learned about the Letter Z and pasted zebras on the Letter Z.  Early preschoolers also had the opportunity to review the entire alphabet from A to Z by matching the uppercase and lowercase letters on the white board.

In Nursery Rhymes and Poems, students learned the rhymes “Catching Butterflies,” “From Egg to Butterfly” and “Mistress Mary”.

In Visual Arts, early preschoolers made beautiful clothes pin butterflies to celebrate Earth Day.

The Core Knowledge Learning Centers last week were organized for matching the pictures of opposites, matching numerals with quantities, and drawing a person.

In Science, students learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. They watched the weekly reader video on butterflies, and then they colored life cycle pictures and placed them on a window spinner with a paper brad fastener.

In Math, students learned about subtraction (“taking away”).

The Virtue of the Month read-aloud story last week was “Icky Little Duckling” by Steve Smallman. The story is about Mr. Rabbit whose tidy and neat home is disturbed by the icky little duckling he brought back, until Mr. Rabbit realizes that there are more important things than having just the perfect burrow.

Parent Tip: Ask your child about the life cycle of a butterfly. Talk about the different butterflies in our environment.

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