The Columbus Zoo!

Today was a wonderful day at the Columbus Zoo for our field trip. The rain held off and we enjoyed walking around the zoo to see many animals. Here is a list of animals we saw and discussed today:

Asia Quest: Tiger, Red Panda, the largest goats, Asian Elephants, Pallas’ Cat and the Sun Bear

Aquarium: here the kids were given a picture of a fish found in the Aquarium and they had to work with a partner and find the one on their card. They found the following:

Bonnethead Shark, Angel Fish, Puffer Fish, Manatee, Sting Ray, Butterfly Fish and Sea Turtle

In addition we saw and discussed: Flamingos, Penguins, Alligators and the giant Tortoise.

Ms. Susan treated us all to Lemonade and Pizza and French Fries just before we headed back to the front gate. Thanks Ms. Susan!

What a wonderful way to spend the day! Great job kids!

Mrs. L:)

Please enjoy the pictures below:




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