Fun and Games at Field Day

What a fun day! During the annual Field Day last Wednesday, May 21, we set up and organized 4 sports and movement stations for students to play with and enjoy.

Station 1: Old Time Fun! 
We had a sack race! Students had to get inside hopsacks and raced across the field from one point to another. 

Station 2: Fishing Derby!
Students took a nature walk to make-believe “fish ponds” (i.e., hoola hoops filled with magnetic fish) set up across the field. They used their imagination in seeing animals along the way and, while hiking to the “fish pond” with a fishing pole and bucket to get some fish, imagined swimming across a stream and jumping over rocks to get there. 

Station 3: Parachute Games!
For this station, students used a 12-handle parachute while following simple directions such as “Shake it gently, shake it fast, stop! Then try down low, up, high.” Then we played “Around the World” and walked clockwise and counter clockwise. We also played another game called “Popcorn” where students had to hold the chute hard, popping all the “popcorn” up into the air.

Station 4: Super Obstacle Race!
Students each had a turn to jump on a mini-trampoline. With Coach Morgan watching them at all times, each student took turns jumping, running, hopping, or doing jumping jacks on the mini-trampoline. In the obstacle course race, students cycled through the trampoline, hopscotch, agility ladder, balance beam, tunnel crawl, and zig zag cones!

What a fun day indeed ! Many thanks to all parents for their help and support. We enjoyed lots of healthy food and treats including fresh fruit, vegetables and dip, crackers and cheese, yogurt, fruit snacks, blueberry cake, popsicles, and juice boxes.

Check out more pictures from the Field Day here.

Have a great summer!

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