Everyone Matters

In Reading, preschoolers listened to “The A Book” by Jane Belk Moncure; and “The ABC Book,” “The Foot Book,” and “The Ear Book” all by Dr. Seuss. Students also listened to beautiful real-life picture books including, “From Seed to Apple” by Anita Ganeri and “From Blossom to Fruit” by Gail Saunders-Smith. After story time, they colored an activity on Parts of An Apple: leaf, stem, flesh, seeds, and skin.

In Language, preschoolers learned about the Uppercase A and Lowercase A. They took part in the following language-rich alphabet activities: they pasted apples and astronauts on the “Letter A Collage”; they worked on “Letter A Painting,” “Cut and Paste Letter A Project (picture words: apple, ant, alligator, anteater)”; and they did an “Anteater Craft.”

In Nursery Rhymes, students recited the rhymes, “I Can Count” and “Head Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”

In Math, students learned Core Knowledge skills on Matching Shapes, Counting, and the Same/Different math concept.

In Science, preschoolers were really excited about making an “Apple Tree Orchard Mural!” We laid a large sheet of craft paper on the table and set out pans of washable green and yellow paint. Each child’s hand was sketched on the craft paper to make the tree with branches. Then the children used real apples cut in half to create “apple prints” to represent the apples.

In Virtue of the Month, the students listened to the read-aloud “Everyone Matters (A First Look at Respect for Others)” by Pat Thomas. They “read” that having respect means treating everyone fairly, and that there are some types of respect that each person must earn for themselves–by keeping promises, by being honest in what they say and do, and being polite and respectful to others. They also learned that people who are different deserve just as much respect as close friends.

In Music and Movement from Early Preschool to Kindergarten, early preschoolers up to kindergarteners had a blast with Coach Michelle! They learned how to follow directions by standing in line inside a long jumping rope, and jumping in and out of it. They walked through a floor ladder while skipping and hopping.

Parent Tip: Review last week’s lesson with your child by asking them these questions: Did you enjoy creating apple prints? What do Same and Different mean? What are the parts of an apple? How do you treat others fairly? How do you show respect? It’s apple picking time! Visit an apple orchard with your child, talk about how apples blossom into a fruit, and just have a grand time.

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