All About Me

Instead of 3-things-in-a-paper bag, pre-kindergartners and kindergartners worked on “All About Me” posters at home. They were encouraged to answer questions about themselves such as their favorite color or the names of their siblings. Each student placed their picture on the poster. Students shared what they wrote on their posters during circle time last week and everyone had fun getting to know one another better.

In Reading, students listened to “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse” by Kevin Henkes; “I’m A Frog”, “Should I Share My Ice Cream?”, and “My Friend is Sad” all by Mo Willems.

In Language, students loved the read-aloud “Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Henkes and talked about loving your name and loving yourself. They also started sharing their “All About Me Posters” and enjoyed talking about their favorite things. The class will continue sharing their “All About Me Posters” through September. If your child has not yet returned their All About Me Poster, please send them back to school next week.

In the Reading and Writing Workshop, students were introduced to their “book boxes.” Each child has a book that has their writing journals, books assigned to them based on their reading levels, and classroom workbooks. We continue to do baseline individual assessments in reading and math for all the students.

In Writing, students practiced writing the alphabet on their Explode the Code workbooks based on their individual levels. They also enjoyed their Scholastic Let’s Find Out Weekly Reader: “On My Way to School.”

On My Way to School
I see people in my community.
I see my neighbors.
I see a shopkeeper.
I see a dog walker.
I see a mail carrier.
I see a police officer.
I see a teacher. Hello friends!

We talked about a community. The students learned that being in a class together makes them a community. Being a school as a whole is a community. The students learned that our theme this school year is to “Build A Caring Community.” The kids thought about ways they can show that they care and it was helpful to listen to the Virtue of the Month story, “Martha Doesn’t Share,” by Samantha Berger. Martha’s sharing skills needed some work and we talked about ways we can work on our sharing skills.

In Science, the morning class had so much fun working on a “Paint Mixing Experiment” as they created beautiful “Marble Paintings” by swirling marbles inside a container that makes abstract marble designs. The different colors used represented how the students feel. Sometimes we have happy feelings and use bright colors. When we’re feeling down, we use blue. The afternoon class made “Jolly Rancher Popsicles.” And then during Science Discovery, the students shared and wrote about their experiences in their writing journals.

In Math, students worked on counting up to 5 and putting things together. They also worked on writing numbers 1 to 5.

Also in Virtue of the Month, students listened to the read-aloud “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. This heartwarming story helps young children to develop good character. Children realize how important and rewarding it feels to be kind, show appreciation and love. The words “bucket filling” and “dipping” are metaphors that allow children to understand the effects of their actions and words on the well-being of people around them, as well as themselves. The class talked about how we can fill someone’s bucket by making good choices in the things we say to our friends and the kinds things we do for others.

Parent Tip: Ask your student: Have you filled a bucket today? How can you fill someone’s bucket? What does being respectful mean? How can you help build a caring community?

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