D for Dinosaurs!

In Reading, students listened to several read-alouds including “Book: Dinosaurs One of A Kind” by Judy Katschke; “Duck at the Door” by Jackie Urbanovic; “ABC Book” by Dr. Seuss; “One Drowsy Dragon” by Ethan Long; “I’m Brave” by Jim McMullan; and “Detective Dog and the Disappearing Donut” by Valerie Garfield.

In Nursery Rhymes, early preschoolers sang the “ABC Song”, “Jack and Jill Rhyme”, “Dinosaur Stomp”, and “Hey Diddle, Diddle”.

In Language, early preschoolers learned the name and sound of the letter D. They enjoyed making several hands-on language arts activities including: Dinosaur D Craft; Letter D Dinosaur Collage by pasting dinosaurs on D; Dinosaur Handprints; Lowercase Daisy d, and a Dinosaur Puppet. We also reviewed the Letters A, B, C, D by pointing to each letter and saying the sound.

In Math, early preschoolers learned the number 3, the color blue, and the shape of a triangle. In their Math journals, they pasted 3 blue triangles and the number 3 on their books. Students also painted a big blue triangle independently using a triangle template. We reviewed the numbers 1, 2, 3 by listening to the story, “Five Little Ducks” and counted up to 5 ducks together. The class also reviewed the following shapes: circle, square, and triangle, as well as the colors red, yellow, and blue.

Last Friday was Mystery Reader Day and we had a delightful time listening to Aydeen’s mom share wonderful stories like “Good Night Moon” and more!

In Movement and Coordination during JumpBunch, we played soccer! After warming up and doing stretchbands, each child received a soft, inflatable soccer ball and watched their coach demonstrate how to do everything with our feet. Then we passed out bean bags and had the children toss them at their soccer balls. Finally, we set up an obstacle course and guided students through it. It was wonderful day for eye/foot coordination and continuing to build our listening skills!

In Virtue of the Month, early preschoolers listened to the read-aloud, ““Martha Doesn’t Share” by Samantha Berger. This is a really funny book which tells students that sharing is not all that bad when you take it one (small) toy at a time.

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