Nature Walk

Pre-K and Kindergarten students listened to several read-alouds in Reading last week. Books we read included “The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Fire Truck” by Laura Murray; “Firefighter” by Angela Royston; “Firetrucks and Rescue Vehicles” by Jean Coppendale; and “Grumpy Bird” by Jeremy Tankard.

In Poetry, students learned and recited a Firefighter Poem. They cut and pasted a copy of the poem in their poetry notebooks, and spent some time reading their poems independently and quietly.

In Writers Workshop, we continued practicing writing our names by ourselves. Students also practiced writing using “rainbow writing.” They used their own white boards and dry erase markers to practice writing sight words such as  like, the, at, a, and I. We also talked about using these sight words in a sentence.

In Math, we started working on 10 frames and how to quickly tell how many dots are on the frame. Students were given a few examples on the board, starting with the 5 frame and then going up to the 10 frame. They received clues such as “If you see one missing dot in the 5 frame, then you know you have 4.” The goal of this activity is to allow students to quickly practice counting objects just by looking  at frames. To reinforce the lesson, each student played the 5 Frames Game with a partner: he or she would show a 5 frame flash card while the other student creates the number they see using unifix cubes. Some students were even able to play the 10 Frames Game!

In Science Discovery, students enjoyed having a refreshing “nature walk” outside. They collected leaves of different colors and discussed the different characteristics of the leaves such as texture, color, size, and smell. They also played with “neon bracelets and rings” and observed how it glowed in dark. What a fun discovery!

In Movement and Coordination during JumpBunch, students also got a chance to play soccer just like the preschoolers! Each child was given a soft soccer ball as we reviewed some of basic rules of the sport such as “Do we use our feet or our hands in soccer?” Or “How do we stop a soccer ball on the field?” Their coach showed students how to dribble the ball after which they tried to maneuver their balls by themselves around cones we set up (pretending they were rose gardens). Students learned to kick balls into the net as well as how to pass their ball to a classmate.

In Virtue of the Month, we discussed integrity and strength.  Students listened to the read-aloud, “My Mom is a Firefighter” by award-winning author Lois Grambling and New York Times bestselling illustrator Jane Manning. It’s a story about the strength and integrity of firefighters who have an important job to do– putting out fires and protecting people– as well as that of a boy, Billy, who wants to be just like his mom when we grows

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