Counting Numbers

In Reading last week, early preschoolers listened to several read-alouds that focused on “family life” and lessons about being nice to your mom, dad, brothers and sisters. These included “Sofia the First, The Halloween Ball” by Lisa Ann Margoli; “The Berenstain Bears and The Prize Pumpkin” by Stan and Jan Berenstain; “The Enormous Elephant Show” by Petr Horacek; “Sesame Street People in My Family” by Jeffrey Moss; “What Brothers/Sisters Do Best” by Laura Numeroff; “Ten Little Monkeys” illustrated by Danny Brooks Dalby; and “Five Little Pumpkins” illustrated by Dan Yaccarino.

In Nursery Rhymes, students recited and sang the poems “Five Little Monkeys,” “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater,” and “Five Little Pumpkins.” During circle time, early preschoolers used “egg shakers” while singing the “Alphabet Song.” We used egg shakers to introduce the letter of the week, E.

In Language, early preschoolers learned about the letter E and its sound. To build background knowledge of pictures that begin with E, students studied picture cards showing an elephant, envelope, eggs, elbow, earrings, eagle, emu, eraser, and easel. We did a number of hands-on activities including Letter E for Ellie the Elephant Craft, Elephants on E Collage, E for Elephant Handprint, and Lowercase E for Egg Craft. We also did Pumpkin Prints out of lego blocks and orange paint.

In Math, students learned about the color orange, the rectangle shape, and the number 4. They pasted 4 orange rectangles and the number 4 in their Math Journals. The students also practiced counting from 1-5. We also introduced the concept of patterns.

In Science Discovery, we talked about the changing colors of leaves and went outside to explore the leaves and the beautiful marigolds in the garden. Students practiced the core knowledge skill of identifying, pointing and naming colors. When asked to point to the marigold, they said, “Orange!”

In Movement and Coordination, we played an on-target game called Bulls Eye in JumpBunch. This sport was very valuable for eye/hand coordination. The coach passed out colorful hook and loop balls and showed students how to use the underhand toss to get the balls to stick to a 3’ Velcro target. The children were amazing at how well they learned the skill and did their own tosses! There was a built-in surprise to the activity as the target was filled with hula-hoops which everyone enjoyed. Bubbles concluded our fun day!

In Virtue of the Month, students listened to the read-aloud “The Berenstain Bears and The Prize Pumpkin” by Stan and Jan Berenstain which tells the story of how the Bear family gain a new appreciation of being thankful for the blessings of neighbors, friends, and family.

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