Race to Trace

Students had a delightful time in Reading last week, listening to several read-alouds focused on the family including “Is Your Mama a Llama?” by Deborah Guarino; “Cliffords Family” by Norman Birdwell; “Maddie’s Monster Dad” by Scott Gibala Froxholm; “All About GrandMas” by Janice Nadeau; and “Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too” by Ana Dewdney.

Every Tuesday and Thursday we have Buddy Reading where preschoolers visit the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, and younger readers are paired with older students as “buddies.” Partners read together; the older child also takes time to read to the younger child. We have had so much success with this reading activity!

In Math, students practiced counting objects 11-20 and writing numbers 11-20. They also continued learning to count objects on a five frame and learned how to easily count objects by grouping them, and recording the numbers. We also played a math game called “Race to Trace.” Students rolled a die and traced the number they got. It was a race against their partner to trace all the numbers. For added fun, students rolled two dice and added the 2 resulting numbers together and tracing the sum from 2 to 12.  It was a highly interactive game that encouraged counting, practicing addition, working with a peer, and writing numbers while taking turns.

In Writers Workshop, students completed a worksheet with the word “my” in which they did rainbow writing for that word. They had to trace, write, and find the word. Then students wrote about their dad and their mom and drew a picture to go along with it.

In Daily 5 Activities, students read quietly on their own while the teacher read one-on-one with another student.

In Science Discovery, the class listened to the read-aloud “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert. This heartwarming story on Autumn is about the “leaf man” drifting wherever the wind blows. After the story, students collected different kinds of leaves outside and made their own Leaf Man Project: out of the leaves, bulletin paper, and glue, each of them made a beautiful artwork in the shape of a cow, dog, man, bird, and other animals they chose to create out of their imagination!

In Movement and Coordination, students got to play the Bulls Eye game as well during their JumpBunch Session. In addition to the underhand toss, the coach also taught the children the overhand throw. They each got to demonstrate their throwing ability by aiming for the bulls eye in the 3′ Velcro target. There were outer rings of Velcro too so most throws stuck on the target!

In Virtue of the Month, students listened to the read-aloud “Llama, Llama, Home With Mama” by Anna Dewdney that talks about the value of loving family members and being kind to each other.

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