Franny the Frog

In Reading, early preschoolers continued to expand their vocabulary and knowledge by listening to several read-alouds this past week including a pull-tab picture book entitled “Alphabet” by Matthew Van Fleet; “First Alphabet” by Baby Einstein; and “My Little Word Book” by Priddy Books.

In Nursery Rhymes, early preschoolers had so much fun dancing to the “Hokey Pokey”, “Oh Do You Know the Muffin Man?”, and “Are You Sleeping?”. They also learned to recite “The Alphabet Song”.

Image of Flamingo Craft | Meadows Academy Preschool & Daycare

In Language, students learned the name and sound of the Letter F by creating several hands-on language arts activities around the Letter F: “Franny the Frog – Uppercase F,” “Rainbow Fish Sparkly Craft,” “Flamingo Craft – Lowercase F,” and “Rainbow Fish Water Colors.” They also played with objects that begin with f like pretend “food” and “feathers”.

In Visual Arts, early preschoolers used green, pink, blue and purple water color to paint their rainbow fish craft.

In Math, we learned about the color green and the shape rectangle. Students continued to practice and learn counting from 1 to 5.

In Movement and Coordination, we did an activity during JumpBunch closely related to basketball called Ball Handling using age-appropriate balls and a toy basketball stand. At this very young age, having children understand that the ball goes into the hoop was a primary objective, and getting the ball there was the point of this week’s lesson. Each child bounced the ball once initially and then progressed to multiple bouncing. We all then faced the hoop and their coach demonstrated how to throw and get the ball into the hoop. There was a lot of individual attention given to each child with tremendous encouragement and enthusiasm. Ask your child for a ball handling demonstration!

In Virtue of the Month, we talked about sharing with family members after listening to the read-alouds “Rainbow Fish” and “Rainbow Fish to the Rescue” both by Marcus Pfister. We discussed the importance of helping family members at home.

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