Gorilla Be Good

Our week last week was filled with fun-filled “goofy” letter G activities! Preschoolers created an Uppercase and Lowercase Letter G Craft and pasted pictures that start with G. They also had fun with their Glitter G Art Project, Goofy Goggles, Ghosts Galore Activity, and playing with “goop!”

In Reading, preschoolers listened to several read-alouds including “The Gingerbread Man”; “The Letter G Book” by Jane Belk Moncure; “Gorrilla Be Good” by Maria Fleming from AlphaTales; as well as a number of online stories from Scholastic on pumpkins and squirrels at the iPad Center.

In Nursery Rhymes, preschoolers learned “Community Helpers,” “Squirrel, Squirrel,” and “Three Little Pumpkins”(see sidebar).

In Math, we reviewed the circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, and diamond shapes. Preschoolers also practiced counting up to 4 and started writing the numbers 1 to 4.

In Science Discovery, preschoolers learned about how pumpkins grow by watching a Scholastic video entitled “How Pumpkins Grow” on the life cycle of a pumpkin. Then they made a “Pumpkin Sequencing Project” to illustrate what they learned.

Image of Tossing Rubber Chickens | Meadows Academy Preschool & Daycare

In Movement and Coordination, we had a very good time tossing rubber chickens during JumpBunch! It was a good way for the children to work on skills important in many sports like bowling or horseshoes. Before playing, we had our usual opening huddle and warm-up exercises. Each toddler then received a rubber chicken. First, we asked them if they could identify the color of their chicken. Each one then got a turn to toss their rubber chicken under/over handed into some hula-hoops on the floor. Early preschoolers also worked on building their gross motor skills at the same time by crawling, crab walking, and hopping to and from the hula-hoops!

In Virtue of the Month, preschoolers continued to learn about the virtue of integrity. We talked about the importance of being kind, following directions, and being honest.

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