Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Preschoolers listened to several read-alouds last week including “The Gingerbread Man”; “My H Book” by Jane Belk Moncure; and “The Five Senses” by Scholastic.

In Nursery Rhymes, we had fun learning “Five Senses,” “Halloween Time,” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

In Language, we played games that all began with the Letter H! During center time, preschoolers played with the Hungry Hippo, Electronic Table Hockey, Little Houses with Animals made by Calico, and Fingerpainting with Handprints. Students also worked on several language arts activities including the Letter H Collage while pasting hearts on H; a tracing-and-coloring hands activity; and playing Hacky-Sac while trying to keep the balloon up using their feet!

In Visual Arts, students made a Hen-Holder Craft and in Writing, preschoolers learned how to write horizontal and vertical lines.

In Core Knowledge Centers, students learned how to sequence the time by day and learned about causes and effects, self-portraits, and drawing body parts of the face.

In Math, preschoolers practiced writing numbers 4 and 5 and in Science Discovery, we explored “Our Five Senses.” Students also watched  a Scholastic video on “Me and My Five Senses.”

In Virtue of the Month, we talked about the virtue of helping others and listening.

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