Seeds in a Pumpkin

In Reading, students listened to a number of read-alouds including “Too Many Pumpkins” by Linda White; “Mess Monsters” by Piers Harper; “Who Will Haunt My House on Halloween?” by Jerry Pallotta; “The Night Before Halloween” by Natasha Wing; and “One Halloween Night” by Mark Teague.

In Math, students continued to work on counting from 1 to 20. Their warm up exercises began with the teacher flashing a few examples of magnets on a tens frame. Students would look at the number of objects and say out loud how many objects they see. Then they explained to their teacher how they came up with the correct number.

During Math Center Time last week, they also counted beans, unifix cubes, and teddy bears at their desks and put them in groups. Pre-K students grouped and counted objects up to 5, while kindergartners grouped and counted objects up to 20. Students also talked about the number zero and explained that zero is a number not having any objects. We also played the math game called “Race to Trace.” Finally, students worked on their Envision worksheets to practice the math concepts they learned during the week.

In Language and Science, students listened to the read-aloud “How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin?” and then explored a pumpkin and listed all the characteristics they observed. Afterwards, during Literacy Centers, students completed the sentence “A pumpkin is…” with the characteristics they listed.

In Writer’s Workshop, students practiced writing the sight word “here” in different ways. They also wrote “here” using “rainbow writing” and “dot the sight word.” They also completed their weekend journal writing which allows them to share their drawings and stories of what fun things happened over the weekend. Students also practiced writing the uppercase I and lowercase i.

In Visual Arts, students enjoyed making “Messy Monsters” using neon water colors and googly eyes. They squirted paint inside a folded construction paper and opened it to see the different shapes and sizes of the “Messy Monsters” they created! You can see their artwork in the hallway! We also worked on as “Around the Year Apple Tree” craft in which students not only talked about the 4 seasons, but also colored a picture of 4 apple trees based on the different seasons. Then they labeled their pictures by writing down the name of the season.

In Virtue of the Month, students are learning the virtue of “following directions” and“listening.”

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