Doing Their Best

Both pre-K and kindergarten students continue to make good progress this year. In Reading last week, for example, students listened to several read-alouds including “Pete the Cat and the New Guy” by Kimberly and James Dean; “The Recess Queen” by Alexis O’Neill and Laura Huliska-Beith; “Flash Light” by Lizi Boyd; “I Can Do It Myself” by Valorie Fisher; and “One More Acorn” by Don and Roy Freeman.

In Language, we read the Core Knowledge read-aloud about the “The Lakota Sioux and Buffalo.” They learned about where these native americans lived, what they made their shelters out of, and other important facts about them. This week, they created “dream catchers” out of leather, yarn, and feathers. They made lovely pictures of native americans and their tepees, and pasted their pictures on colorful construction paper to make a simple collage.

In Visual Arts, consistent with what they learned about native Americans, students painted beautiful and colorful images which they then formed into baskets. The paintings they made were symbolic of the pottery and paintings created by native americans.

In Writer’s Workshop, students worked on writing the word “went.” They practiced writing it on the whiteboard 5 times using lowercase letters. They circled the best one they wrote, and showed their teacher their best work. Students then talked about using “went” in a sentence and learned how to use a capital letter when starting a sentence. They also practiced writing in their Explode the Code writing workbooks based on their individual levels. Last week, they also practiced writing the uppercase and lowercase P.

In Math, students practiced counting an arrangement of dots. They explained how they came up with their answer by discussing how they knew the amount of dots they saw using the teaching resource called “Number Talks.” Pre-K students practiced counting from 0 to 7 objects. They used unifix cubes and teddy bear counters. Kindergarteners worked on the math concepts 1 or 2 fewer. They also worked on numbers 0 – 20.

In Movement and Coordination during JumpBunch, students had their own version of the Strong Kids activity. During the opening huddle, we talked how working with weights was beneficial to us. Then we passed out two one-pound dumb bells per child. While sitting on their “fit spot,” each child went through some reps such as arm curls, shoulder press, squats and front leg raises. Safety rules were carefully discussed. Our focus was on technique by showing correct and incorrect ways to perform each rep. Students also had a chance to use play balls like they were medicine balls, and went through different variations of exercises with them.

In Virtue of the Month, students learned about the virtue of “doing your best” by listening to the character education story, “One More Acorn” by Don and Roy Freeman. This is a heartwarming story of the determination of a squirrel to look for that “one last acorn” as he gathers nuts for the winter because he had to feed his family.

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