Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

In Reading last week, students listened to several read-alouds including “Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks” by Margaret Sutherland and “My K Book” by Jane Moncure.

In Nursery Rhymes, we recited “Old King Cole”, “Thanksgiving Foods”, and “If You’re Thankful”.

In Language, preschoolers learned about the Letter K and the sound of K. During center time, they used their 5 senses to play with objects that start with k: tea kettle, stuffed kittens and kangaroos, and keys to sort. The language arts activities helped them recognize the letter K and pictures that start with K. They made a Letter K Collage(pasting kings and kites), Kangaroo Hop Activity, and Painting King Cole.

In Math, preschoolers practiced counting and writing the numbers 6 and 7.

In Science, we watched a Scholastic video called “Pilgrims Long Ago” and saw what they were like and what they wore.

In Virtue of the Month, preschoolers learned about “Doing Your Best” and listened to the read-aloud “The Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper and “Try and Stick with It” by Cheri J. Meiners.

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