Ferdinand, Isabella, and Christopher

In line with our theme last week of “Animal Characteristics,” pre-kindergartners and kindergartners made bright and colorful abstract paintings on easel paper. They also listened to stories about Native Americans as a continuation of our theme on “Native Americans” from the previous week. Students learned about Christopher Columbus and how King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella financed his trip to search for new land.

In Language, students listened to Core Knowledge read-alouds about native americans. They learned about the people of the seasons and compared this tribe to other tribes. Each child then completed a worksheet about what they would do if they were in a tribe.

In Visual Arts, students painted bright paintings on easel paper as well as created unique designs on a circle-shaped paper using water color. They also colored a picture of Pocahontas and a little boy in a canoe.

In Writer’s Workshop, pre-kindergarten students worked on writing the letter P in upper and lower case. Kindergarten students, on the other hand, practiced writing the sight word “come.” They also practiced rainbow writing and tracing the word “come.” In journal writing, students shared about their weekend and wrote a sentence about it.

In Math, we worked on counting by 10’s to 100 using the 100’s chart. We also practiced counting to 20 by one’s, using the 100’s chart. Students also practiced counting up to 8 and 9 and, with the help of unifix cubes, made a unifix wand of 8 and 9. They worked on their Envision Math worksheets as well to practice writing 8 and 9 and master the concepts.

In Virtue of the Month, students learned about the virtue of “Respect” and “Honesty” by listening to the story “Franklin Fibs” by Paulette Burgeois. They learned to sing a song about respect and colored a page on “Respect People”. We also talked about why we need to honor the good people in our lives.

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