Scholastic Magazines for Your Child

Every month we send home a magazine from Scholastic. For early preschoolers and preschoolers, they get “My Big World With Clifford” which helps to introduce your child seasonal and social development topics with simple nonfiction and big bright photos.  In addition, the magazines also cover vocabulary, language, social development, movement, basic concepts, and early literacy.

Pre-k and kindergarten students, on the other hand, receive “Let’s Find Out” which acquaint them to seasonal science, social studies, and social development topics. In them are early learning activities giving our students practice with key skills like graphing, addition, and phonics. They also reinforce the reading fundamentals we teach with simple texts that introduce students to the concepts of print, sight words, and phonics.

Did you know that you can access Scholastic Parent Videos? 
Scholastic has resources for parents online too. You can watch wonderful knowledge-building videos or listen to audio read-alouds, for example. Here is one video on understanding your child’s learning personality.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.