The Story of St. Nick

Students last week listened to several read-alouds including “Five Little Monkeys,” “The Story of Saint Nick,” “My M Book” by Jane Moncure, and “The Christmas Story.” We also sang several nursery rhymes including “On Christmas Day” and “One Misty Morning.”

In Language, preschoolers learned about the letter M and the sound of M. They created a letter M Collage; practiced Letter M writing with markers; played a marble game and magnets on metal trays; did a Christmas magnet matching easel activity; and participated in a jumping monkeys game. In Writing, students practiced writing the uppercase and lowercase L and M.

In Social Skills and Autonomy, we had students play in a pretend “market” not only to reinforce the letter M, but also teach them how to work and play together.

In Math, students learned how to recognize and count numbers 8 and 9 and practiced writing 8 and 9.

In Virtue of the Month, preschoolers learned about the virtue of generosity.

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